I write articles and blog posts with accompanying original photography and video. Industries: DIY, arts & culture, leisure, food, and home decor.


Food & DIY

Arts & Culture

Additional writing samples available upon request.


Whether it’s an ad, an email, bite-sized informational blurb, or a sales catalog listing, great marketing always means great storytelling. I’ll work closely with you and your designer to pen a vivid, emotionally-engaging narrative that addresses customers’ needs and highlights the unique value of your products and services.

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SEO Content Writing

I’ve successfully led SEO content writing teams for SaatchiArt.com, and Cuteness.com to substantially increase unique monthly visits by implementing the latest optimization strategies without sacrificing writing quality.

UX (User Experience) Copy

Using data from focus groups and user testing, I’ve worked with sites and apps including Ticketmaster.com, HerbieHancock.com, Troubadour.com, Saatchi Art.com, and Saatchi Art’s iOS app to improve overall user experience.

SEO and UX writing samples available upon request.