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Saatchi Art - Art Advisory Service


Create a visually arresting page that communicates how easy it is for anyone to get expert advice from professional and pedigreed art curators. Purchasing original art can be intimidating for the novice art buyer, so the content should be friendly yet still formal in order to communicate the curators’ fine art expertise.


I worked with designers to create discrete content sections to: 1) explain how buying original works from Saatchi Art was painless, affordable, and risk free 2) Saatchi Art is the only gallery to provide this service free of charge 3) showcase both the expertise and approachability of the curators.


Razorgator Inc. Business Solutions Product Suite (B2B)


Introduce businesses to Razorgator's suite of live entertainment service products while showcasing the numerous benefits of each service. Above all, they wanted to stress how live entertainment packages are a good/affordable investment for businesses of all sizes.


The final concept communicates that Razorgator's versatile services guaranteed a "perfect tailored fit" for companies of all sizes -- Small, Medium, Or Large.


Direct Emails


Ticketmaster Event Review Emails



When Ticketmaster rolled out their website's "Post A Review" feature, they needed a way to spread the word.  I was given the job of creating targeted emails encouraging past ticket buyers to post reviews of the event they attended. 


I wrote three emails, one genre-specific and one generic, encouraging fans to "voice their thoughts" by posting an event review on Ticketmaster.com. Each email was tailored, both in tone and design, to the type of event attended (e.g. pop & rock; musical theater; etc.).

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