Pizza Party iOS App Promo

I produced a 34-second promo to unveil a new iOS app called Pizza Party for Ghosty Inc. This unique sticker app not only allows users to download fun flair for their text messages, but the stickers are created by artists who are paid per download.

Project highlights:

  • Set-decorating and lighting

  • Animating the logo reveal

  • Writing copy and structuring video narrative

  • Designing /animating titles and graphics

  • Learning how to expose for the backdrop and expose for the iPhone’s screen. While I got the screen pretty close to perfect, I ended up relying on some compositing to create the final product. This was achieved by replacing the live footage of the device’s screen with a screen recording captured via Reflector 3 (a device mirroring and recording tool that I highly recommend). The screen was then replaced in After Effects, and the hand rotoscoped and overlaid onto the live footage.

  • Eating a bunch of pizza during the shoot!

Netflix: Black Mirror - Franchise Trailer

I was incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to work as an assistant editor for the Season 5 franchise trailer for Netflix’s newly-released season of Black Mirror - one of my favorite anthology shows! The job involved helping make selects from every episode of the show to create a 2-minute trailer that summarized and captured the spirit of the franchise. Needless to say, pulling selects from such a huge catalog of source material where each episode is an independent story was a challenging task. But a terrific excuse to re-binge the series!

I was also the copywriter for the project.

Project highlights:

  • Writing trailer copy

  • Developing structure and producing my own trailer cut for the producing editor

  • Cutting my own alternative concept trailer which was very well received

My contributions & alternate trailer are available to view upon request.

Netflix: Wine Country - Trailer

In the role of assistant editor, I was tasked with pulling selects, sourcing music, and delivering a cut to the producing editor for one of four trailers for Netflix’s film Wine Country. This ensemble comedy marks Amy Poehler’s feature film directorial debut and stars some incredibly funny women indeed: Maya Rudolph, Tina Fey, Rachel Dratch, Paula Pell, Ana Gasteyer, and Emily Spivey.

Project highlights:

  • Pulling selects from the film

  • Developing narrative structure for a “Friendship” themed trailer

  • Editing first cut

  • Sourcing music from approved libraries

Video available to view upon request.